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satan is hot as fuck tho did u ever read the bible he was supposed to be super beautiful like DAMN boy

sell my soul more like sell my virginity


that would be AWFUL i’d have nothing to do down there

oh wait


40,209 notes and there isn’t a supernatural gif

let’s keep it that way

wait for it

So I haven’t dared to read any Supernatural fanfiction since Twist and Shout

But, today, someone posted a masterpost of Western(ish) AU’s, and found a summary that I couldn’t resist. I would definitely recommeeeeeeeeend it.

Cowboys and Real Estate Angels

Castiel crosses paths with the ever-charming Dean Winchester at a rodeo show in Texas, of all places. Dean’s singing days are long bygone, but his crowd-pleasing skills haven’t waned one iota. Unexpectedly, Castiel finds himself in Dean’s bedroom; they take and they give, and discover that sometimes strangers can find love like this, too. (And if a man’s faith can’t be put in God, it needs to go somewhere…)


When friend is sad and you just

No friend, no sad
Have hug
Happy now friend

do not sad friend
do not