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Dean: Well, that was fun!  Nothin’ funnier than GOOGLY EYES, yessir!

Cas: There is an old saying in ENOCHIAN, “You squint with GOOGLY EYES.”

Dean: Is that supposed to be funny?

Cas: It is HILARIOUS, Dean.

Dean: Yeah, I bet you angels have a good time.

Cas: All the time.

Dean: Hey, you don’t think Sammy was RESENTFUL that we didn’t get him googly eyes too, do you?

Cas: I find Sam to be weird, and so I mostly IGNORE him, Dean.

Dean: Well, OK then.  Oh, wait, what’s that shadowy figure over there, LOOMIN’ in the DARKNESS?

Cas: Probably tiki is havin’ trouble with her CAMERA again.

Dean: But he looks somehow FAMILIAR.

Dean: Hey, SAMMY!  Is that you, little brother.

Sam: Bwa-ha-ha.

Dean: Sammy?

Sam: It is not SAMMY, it is I-


Dean: …

Sam: Worship my luscious ANTLERS o’ DOOM!

Dean: Seriously?  tiki went to all that work CUSS-T’MIZIN’ for a PUN?  That’s lame.

Cas: So we are onto the 2014 continuity Dean?

Dean: Yeah, I guess so.

Cas: May I go and find an ORGY?

Dean: No.  No you may not.